About TLDMonitor

TLDMonitor was written by Patrik Wallström as a tool for analysis of a large number of Zonemaster measurements. It became a web interface to ease the analysis, and to improve the logging of the Zonemaster output. It is now easy to cross reference information between domains, and to discover anomalies in domain delegations.

As for now, TLDMonitor uses the default Zonemaster policy. This policy is not perfect for a TLD zone. One thing it mandates is the use of an MX record for a zone, this should not be allowed for a TLD. The Zonemaster project is developing policies that suits other uses as well.

The first tool to be written was zonemaster-collect. The purpose of collect is to run Zonemaster on a very large number of domains, and to collect the result in a MongoDB database, or as JSON files on file.

In order to use the MongoDB data store, the user has to learn how to search the results directly in the database. To easy this, I wrote this tool, TLDMonitor. It is called that, because an easy way to demonstrate the tool is to show off Zonemaster measurements on all TLDs. The tlds.sh tool writes a textfile with all current TLDs.

All code for TLDMonitor can be found on the Github page: zonemaster-collector